I just got an email from T-Mobile with the December 2008 T-Mobile Scoop newsletter.  In it, they gave  information about happenings for each month from January to November 2008.  The email said, “check out this year’s Top 10 highlights below. Then vote for your favorite. Or just take a fresh look at why they made the Top 10 list.” I was pleased to see that at least two of the Top 10 were about T-Mobile’s community involvement activites.

March: “T-Mobile helped plant over 500,000 trees.
Starting in March, T-Mobile and the Arbor Day Foundation offered to plant a tree
for every customer who signed up for Paperless Billing. To date, over 500,000 trees
are slated to be planted in storm-damaged regions like New Orleans. Go green.”

July:T-Mobile helped kids across the U.S. through Huddle Up(SM).
Over 2,700 T-Mobile employees rolled up their sleeves to improve community centers and schools in 18 cities. And T-Mobile’s Handset Recycling Program also donated $10,000 to each center and school. Way to go!”

On the T-Mobile Top 10 Poll Page, they showed a timeline with their 10 selections.  The graphic and text for March is to the left.  They included links so you can vote and get more information about that item.  Great idea! It is a fun way to remind customers about new products and services offered by T-Mobile AND let them know about their giving actions, as well.

So I voted for the tree planting project.  When I was done I was taken to a results page which gives a up to the moment graph showing how each of the Top 10 were doing in votes cast as a percentage.  That is a great idea!!