Big Purpose Big Impact offers both live and webinar training as well as self-paced online courses for nonprofit organization staff and boards. Our curricula in each content area can be tailored to fit sessions lasting one hour to a full 1-2 days depending on the specific needs of the group to be trained and the venue. We offer plenary workshops and breakout sessions at conferences as well as stand-alone workshops and training events.

Our specialties include the following.

  • Nonprofit sustainability and resource development.

  • Developing strategic win-win partnerships with businesses.

  • Measuring the impact of nonprofit programming (performance measurement and evaluation).

  • Leadership and stewardship for nonprofit boards and staff.

  • Telling your story to diverse stakeholders more effectively.



Strategic Partnerships with Businesses

Developing Partnerships with Businesses workshop will give you strategies and tools you need to assist your nonprofit organization in developing more strategic, win/win partnerships with businesses that provide you access to much-needed resources to continue doing your important work in the community. Specificaally you will.

  • Learn current trends in business philanthropy and corporate social responsibility that you can draw upon for your resource development.
  • Learn the 5 key mistakes nonprofits make engaging with businesses so you don’t make them;
  • Strategize possible business partnerships for your organization.
  • Clarify the desired outcomes of a potential partnership with a business for your organization and the business;
  • Know the steps for doing due diligence and making contact with a potential business partner; and
  • Learn tips for developing strong sustainable relationships with your business partners.

Measuring Impact for Nonprofits

In these times of limited resources, impact, accountability, and transparency are critical. It has never been more important to be able to make a strong case about why your organization is a wise investment of resources to solve a particular community need.

Measuring Impact For Nonprofits will provide you with step-wise information and tools you need to either design or revisit your program’s current performance measurement approach to ensure it gets you the high-quality information you need to clearly show your impact.

In this interactive, hands-on workshop, you will

  • Learn the three core components of a theory of change and use the model to create a clear cause and effect model for your program.
  • Use your theory of change to identify your impact measurement question(s).
  • Learn the four types of impact and identify your options for collecting data based on the type of impact to be measured.
  • Identify the most appropriate data source and cost-effective data collection methodology to use;
  • Learn tips for identifying or creating data collection tools; and
  • Know how to summarize your performance measurement findings to make powerful statements that make your program more attractive for grants and other resources.

Telling Your Story To Leverage Support

Does your program’s story stand out from the crowd? Are you looking for more resources – to really wow potential supporters? Or are you using the same old state approach of reciting your hispry, details of your program model, maybe with one tearjerker story thrown in for good measure?
This session will present the five biggest mistakes nonprofits make telling their story and give you practical tips for kicking your message up several notches to break through the noise to get the support you need.

Trends in Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofit organizations, especially in times of tight resources. However, the pool of volunteers available to serve may be limited and the expectations of potential volunteers may be different than in the past.

Are you changing with the times?

This workshop offers nonprofit that wants to have a more effective volunteer program the opportunity to do a self-assessment of their current strengths/challenges in volunteer management and then learn tips and strategies in six key areas critical for success: planning, recruiting, screening, training, and supervision, retaining, and measuring outcomes and telling the story.

Pro Bono Volunteer Generation

Using all volunteers in a hands-on way may be a missed opportunity to tap the specialized skills and experience they bring to the table. This workshop distinguishes between general volunteering and pro bono service, covers trends in pro bono, and then provides steps, tips, tools for how to create a strong pro bono program at your nonprofit.

Nonprofit Sustainability Planning

This session is designed to explore the elements necessary to develop a strong sustainability plan. Participants will step back, examine the four pillars of a strong sustainability plan, making the case for support, and begin to plan accordingly for their own programs. The anticipated end result is an action plan and timeline for developing a comprehensive sustainability plan.