I heard Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, speak at Mark Victor Hansen’s MegaSpeaking Empire a few weeks ago.  He gave a great presentation during which he mentioned his business networking site, the Greenlight Community.  The site states “We are a global community of entrepreneurs and professionals who believe that our relationships drive our success and bring us joy. We are looking for a place to be helpful and to find new ideas, encouragement, friends, maybe even someone to kick our backsides when necessary, and ultimately, MORE SUCCESS, however we define that!”  Sounded good to me so earlier this week I signed up to participate. 

The first person to contact me was Maxine Karchie from Edmonton, Canada.  When I went to her Greenlight page to respond to her welcome post to me, I noticed the cover for a book, titled “The Future of Safety.”  On the cover was a logo that said “Profits to Charity.”  So I mentioned it and said I would like to know more.

She directed me to her blog post on the book which states, the book …”is now for sale with all profits going to two safety related charities. The publication, The Future of Safety,” is now available on our website http://www.hatscan.com.  Profits will go to: SMARTRISK helps people see the risks in their everyday lives and shows them how to take those risks in the smartest way possible so that they can enjoy life to the fullest. And Job Safety Skills Society (JSSS): Educating youth about workplace safety is the key to prevention.”  So I started digging a bit more.  The HATSCAN website says, “the “give-back” is to donate the profits of this project to two charities whose mission and values are aligned with HATSCAN’s mission and values; ZERO Injuries and young worker safety.”

The book was developed by HATSCAN.  “Founded in 1988, Hazard Alert Training Inc.’s (HATSCAN’s) goal is to be Canada’s provider of choice for core Occupational Health and Safety training.  The Future of Safety is “can’t-do-without” resource for Safety professionals, managers, regulators and persons in all occupations that impact workplace health and Safety. Here are the thoughts of 21 prominent experts from all workplace Safety disciplines and professions, drawn from across the nation … in their own words.”

So such a great tie in between the product and its contents and nonprofits whose missions are in alignment with that of the business.  I like it!