I just donated through the American Red Cross by texting 90999 to give $10.

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Help Haiti Recover

On Tuesday, a major earthquake struck Haiti, causing major devastation. The Red Cross is estimating that 3 million people have been affected — that’s one third of the country. There are many ways you can help:

red cross

The Red Cross — Make a donation online, or donate $10 by texting “HAITI” to 90999. The donation will be added to your cell phone bill.

international medial corps

International Medical Corps — The IMC is deploying an Emergency Response team of First Responders and other resources to provide medical care.

direct relief international

Direct Relief International — Direct Relief has committed up to $1 million and is working with their partners in the country to provide medical care and basic needs to Haitians.


CARE — CARE is sending relief workers to Haiti to distribute food, hygiene kits and water, as well as providing emergency health services.


AmeriCares — AmeriCares has pledged $5 million worth of aid to the people of Haiti and has set up a general fund to assist.

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World Food Programme — The World Food Programme is mobilizing all available resources to provide food for the thousands of people affected by the earthquake.


UNICEF USA — UNICEF USA is ready to deliver disaster relief to children and families affected by the earthquake.

american jewish world service

The American Jewish World Service — The American Jewish World Service has set up the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund to respond to the crisis by working with a network of affiliated organizations.


Catholic Relief Services — Catholic Relief Services has an office in Haiti that is luckily still standing. They are accepting donations of any amount.


OxFam — OxFam has 200 people on the ground, and began their efforts by trying to get clean water to victims of the earthquake.


Yele Haiti — Sponsored by Haitian-born Wyclef Jean, Yele Haiti is accepting donations on their website. You can also donate $5 by texting “YELE” to 501501. The donation will be added to your cell phone bill.