Zulugrass necklaces

Cruising through Embellishments in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I saw a great display of Zulugrass jewelry from The Leakey Collection that gives back.  So of course I had to check it out….and couldn’t leave without buying an $8 necklace!

  • All materials used by The Leakey Collection are environmentally sustainable.
  • Only fallen dead wood is used to maintain the earth friendly element.
  • The environmentally sustainable harvest of the grass also works to preserve the wetlands since the communities no longer burn the grass, which cattle do not eat, to make room for the plentiful grass that cattle do eat.

From their website, http://www.leakeycollection.com/

about leakey

“The Leakey Collection is dedicated to uniting caring communities worldwide with the rural women in East Africa by using commerce as a vehicle. Our goal is to enhance people’s lives by creating work opportunity for the Maasai in an environmentally- friendly, sustainable way while maintaining cultural and traditional lifestyles. By designing high-end, handmade jewelry and new ways of working with sustainable, natural materials, we can maintain environmental and cultural integrity and create lifelong opportunities for Kenyans in an environmentally, sustainable manner.”

  • The Maasai culture is 800 years old.
  • A proud, nomadic, pastoral tribe many of whom are still living by their ancient traditions in East Africa.
  • Mainly cattle herders and believe that God entrusted them the responsibility to look after all the cattle of the world.
  • The majority of the financial income for a Maasai family comes from trading cattle and is under the sole control of the men.
  • The Maasai speak the dialect of Maa. “Maasai” translates as “The People of Maa”.
  • About a half a million Maasai live in East Africa today with one quarter of a million living in Kenya.
  • Heavily influenced by Christianity since missionaries moved into their territories dating as far back as the eighteen hundreds.