I watched Maria Andros’ video on YouTube about YouTube and Twitter a while ago and decided that I needed to “take the plunge.”  After I set up my YouTube Profile and Channel, I went to browse the videos for Nonprofits & Activism and and noticed the green logo below.  Turns out that YouTube has a Nonprofit Program and gives tips for nonprofits on how to do a video campaign as a way to get the word out about their organization.  Very cool…and wow…do I have a lot to learn!




I am planning a Technology Toolbox session for 100 AmeriCorps program staff in DC next month.  We are going to have some great presenters talking about how to use social media and other technology tools not only for resource development and fundraising but awareness building, volunteer and member recruitment and training, communication, program management, etc etc.  It is going to be exciting.  Some nonprofits are already really savvy about tech tools but I would venture to say most are not yet!  And they need to get on the train or they will be left FAR behind!!

So…are you a business person that gets this stuff?  A great pro bono service you could offer your favorite cause or nonprofit would be to help them think through a basic strategy and get them hooked up with the basics – like Facebook, YouTube, etc.