OK…so after all the hype about Starbucks joining the (RED) campaign and the ad on Facebook getting people to sign up to go in after 7:00 am to get a drink in honor of World AIDS Day, I was underwhelmed.  I did go get my morning coffee at 7:00 am today for World AIDS Day, as I had RSVPd yes on Facebook for that.  I ordered one of the new Gingersnap Lattes which confused the baristas as that is not my usual drink.  They seemed totally confused when I said I was doing it in honor of World AIDS Day…The (RED) logo and signage was up but I expected more promotion/awareness raising by them.  Oh well…a missed opportunity in my opinion.

Perhaps another time, Starbucks could be sure to distribute a one pager that baristas need to read when they clock in for the day…and have them add something to their usual welcome for the day.  Maybe they could say Welcome to Starbucks…on World AIDS Day.  And let folks know that the three special drinks give back.  Or if someone like me buys one unprompted…take the 2 seconds extra for saying thanks – your purchase supports (RED) and AIDS in Africa.  I am a fanatic about following promotions like this – many others don’t take the time to track things as closely as I do – but they still care and would like to know.

So if your company is doing a cause marketing campaign, make sure you think through all the little details to make sure you get as much mileage (including sales!!) as possible from your efforts…including having salespeople let customers know.  It does not have to be a hard sell by any means but information – especially for the conscious consumer – is always great!  Give people the opportunity to like your company “even more” for your good works than they did before.  If they don’t know, they can’t, right?