Got a little time – want to help an emerging entrepreneur from the comfort of your own office?  Today I got an email from MicroMentor seeking new mentors.  MicroMentor is a nonprofit program that connects emerging entrepreneurs with volunteer business professionals in mentoring relationships.

“MicroMentor has been growing rapidly with mentors and entrepreneurs joining every day. To make it easier for you to connect with the MicroMentor entrepreneurs most in need, we’re sending out this regular bulletin highlighting entrepreneurs who are actively looking for a mentor…If you can’t help, but know someone who could, please forward this message and encourage them to sign up at and become a MicroMentor Mentor.”

MicroMentor’s mission is to “build businesses that increase economic activity and employment opportunities in low and moderate income communities.”  
According to the website, MicroMentor is a free online service providing “entrepreneurs with proven opportunities to grow their businesses and increase revenues by participating in a mentoring relationship.  Entrepreneurs, particularly those with low-incomes and limited access to business resources, realize significant economic benefits from mentoring services. 

Mentors are provided with meaningful opportunities to “give back” by sharing their experience and expertise.”  They “primarily connect microentrepreneurs, owners of businesses that employ less than ten people, to volunteer mentors who have successfully navigated business ownership or management.  MicroMentor is dedicated to the proposition that the success of low-income microentrepreneurs is crucial to the economic and social well being of our communities.”

MicroMentor is a Mercy Corps initiative. Mercy Corps is a non-profit, humanitarian agency that implements community-led and market-driven programs in over 35 developing countries.  For more information, please download their MicroMentor Overview or contact them at