I have now had several interactions with tuggl guys, Matt Buchanen and Josh Clauss, and totally love what they are up to!  I first met Matt when he came to my Meeup Group, Business Philanthropy – Do Good and Do Well and Josh at the Recession Proof Resources workshop for nonprofits last week.  They are smart and their enthusiasm is totally contagious!

What is tuggl?  Tuggl is an innovative online mechanism to do what I have been talking about for 10 years!  No wonder I am a fan…

“tuggl.com is a website consisting of individuals, local businesses, and nonprofit community organizations.  Our goal is to transform how local businesses define and achieve success by rewarding those businesses that are committed to providing great service to their customers as well as continued service in their community.  We hope to create a competitive marketplace for local small business philanthropy and definitively prove to businesses that doing good is good for their bottom line.  

As part of our efforts, we are asking non-profits to create a presence on tuggl and start recognizing those local businesses that support their cause in any way.  In doing so, nonprofits are actually helping those businesses get more visibility and grow their business as well as helping consumers know which companies are doing good in their community and supporting causes that speak to their heart.  For nonprofits, tuggl hopes to transform the relationship with local business supporters by giving nonprofits the power to actually have a profound impact on those businesses’ ability to grow.  In this way, we believe nonprofits will have more leverage when seeking local business supporters throughout the community.”

Cool, eh?  Tuggl is being developed and piloted the system here in Colorado….next stop the USA??  Check it out!