10 Challenges Businesses Have Working with Nonprofits

I interviewed thought leaders from 50 companies for my new book, Business Giving Strategies, due out this fall.  One questions which I asked everyone during the interviews was if they had experienced any challenges working with nonprofit organizations and if so, what were they.  The following is a list of ten of the challenges that

Denver Post's 2009 Season to Share Kick Off

Hope you had a great Halloween!  This morning as I removed my Denver Post newspaper from the plastic bag it was delivered in, I noticed that instead of the usual orange bag, today it was white.  As I smoothed out the bag, I saw the Season to Share logo as seen to the left and

Zuke's Supports Pet Cancer

My 9 year old Australian cattle dog, Kiwi, is getting bit bit gimpy so I figured she needed some glucosamine.  I bought her Zuke's HipAction with Glucosamine and Chondroitin - peanut butter formula with fresh blueberries, apples, carrots, flax seed and whole grains.  Sounds so good, I want to eat them myself! Anyway, Zukes is

Spirit Halloween Supports Children

I cruised through the Spirit Halloween store that recently opened in Denver's Cherry Creek in the old Andrison Morton's women's clothing store location.  I was trying to get a head start on my Halloween costume and found a sword that will be perfect.  When I went to buy it, the cashier asked if I would

Lucy Gives Back

Some time back, a new women's fitness clothing store, Lucy, opened in Cherry Creek here in Denver.  I have enjoyed shopping there as I like their often unusual yet functional sporty apparel designs.  As part of their commitment to being green, they switched in the past year from sending mailers to sending emails.  A recent

Kelly Ripa and Electrolux

Just saw this on Facebook --Kelly Ripa is in the Electrolux ad promoting Earth Day and Electrolux's Virtual Flower Garden.  If you plant a flower, Electrolux donates $1 to Global Green USA. I clicked to plant a virtual flower in Facebook and got an error message that said it was having trouble and try again. 

Intel Donates…For Your Click

I just ran across an interesting campaign being run on Facebook.  Intel is donating 5 cents for every online click to Save the Children and Kiva.  The Facebook page stated, "Intel Will Donate 5 cents for You to Save the Children and Kiva. All you have to do is visit their website and click a button.

Beyond Checkbook Philanthropy

David Hancock with Morgan James Publishing wrote a nice blog post, To Give is To Receive, on the Digitizer Group Blog encouraging businesses to think about ways to be involved with causes beyond just writing a check.  Here is the link. Nonprofits always are seeking cash donations and if you have dollars to give, they of course

T-Mobile Plants Trees

I just got an email from T-Mobile with the December 2008 T-Mobile Scoop newsletter.  In it, they gave  information about happenings for each month from January to November 2008.  The email said, "check out this year's Top 10 highlights below. Then vote for your favorite. Or just take a fresh look at why they made

Cleaning the Space Needle? A Way to Give Back

The New York Times published an article by Stephanie Strom on November 28, "A Company Gives the Gift of Cleanliness."  In her article, Stephanie gives great examples of how companies are offering pro bono services for the public good drawing on their particular expertise.  I love seeing examples where companies make this kind of a

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