I got an “personalized” email today with the Starbucks Gold News.  At the bottom, they provided me a visual of the amount of money my dividend amounted to – which will be donated to the nonprofit I selected when I signed up.  So the dollar amount ($3.07) for last month is not large based on how much I spent at Starbucks.  However, that they track it… AND let me know…is a great way to keep me hooked in and feeling good about my cappuccino addiction!

What I would now like to see from Starbucks (and hopefully they will do this in the future – the program is only a month old) is how much has been raised TOTAL for the two nonprofits customers can choose to support by donating our dividends.

So, if you are doing a cause marketing promotion with your customers…what are you doing to update your customers periodically – both about the piece they have contributed to the cause you are supporting as well as how much you have raised overall… of which their piece is only a small part?  If you are not sharing that information, you could end up losing business down the road.