I have now seen Seymour Segnit speak at three big events – T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive, Christine Comaford-Lynch’s Rules for Renegades Summit, and Mark Victor Hansen’s MEGASpeaking Empire.  He is a talented guy and is launching Life University’s new program, The BIG Weekend in early 2009.  The BIG Weekend is a three day event to be held in Los Angeles March 27-29.  The website states, “In 3 amazing days you will uncover what is holding you back, retrain the way you think and react to situations and break through any obstacles that held you back from living your ultimate life…This is no cookie-cutter approach to personal development. At The Big Weekend you will focus on those areas in your life that need attention, identify your issues and address them on the spot.”

I was signed up to attend the BIG Weekend in March – however, I am not able to make those dates.  When I went on the website to reschedule, I noticed a tab called Giving Back.  As you know, I am always on the lookout for such things.  So…

From the Giving Back page I learned that “10% of revenues, yes revenues from The Big Weekend go to support charities that promote education around the globe.”  The page goes on to state, “Giving Back: The Heart of The New U.  In a world of far greater global awareness, we are just beginning to see the opportunity – and the impact – that we as individuals and corporations can have on the world.  From its inception, Life University has provided an environment that gives back and supports our planet and our global community based on a founding belief: We are all responsible and accountable for the world in which we live.”

So nice job that one of five tabs on the Life University website is about giving back.  I would have liked to see a few more details about exactly what programs the 10% will go to, but I assume that is coming. 

Do you have a page on your company’s website that gives an overview of your giving philosophy and who and what you support?  If you don’t, I STRONGLY recommend you follow Seymour’s lead and get one going!!