Performance measurement has never been more important to AmeriCorps State and National programs. The Corporation for National and Community Service requires all their grant award recipients go to the next level to strengthen their service delivery interventions to truly help move the needle AND measure those positive changes generated in communities using rigorous data collection tools and systems.

Are you ready? Or, are you one of the many programs that could benefit from tailored one on one help?

Susan Hyatt has worked extensively with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) for seventeen years providing consulting, facilitation, curriculum design, and training to CNCS, Governor’s Commissions on National Community Service and National Service Programs (Americoprs., VISTA, Learn and Serve America, and Senior Corps’, FGP, SCP and RSVP). 

Sue has created state, regional and national training programs on a wide variety of topics including performance measurement and program evaluation, leadership, board development, and strategic public-private and tri-sector partnerships, and using technology to enhance program performance. As a former member of the project STAR and TAAG teams (formerly known as Project TASC), she still is sought after as a trainer, consultant, and facilitator. Most recently, Sue has been helping JBS International develop the CNCS online modules on performance measurement so she is 100% up to date on where things are going!