Have you heard of ServiceNation?  Because of my work in National Service, I have heard about ServiceNation since its inception and have been watching its work and growth with great interest.  Last year, representatives made a presentation at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Atlanta to all the AmeriCorps grantees in attendance.  The energy about what they were doing was great – I even had one of their reps, a young man from Alaska, come to my session on measuring the impact of nonprofit programming and ask for a few minutes to share about more about ServiceNation with participants.

From their website, “This campaign now focuses on building a national grassroots movement aimed at inspiring widespread public support for increasing voluntary community and national service opportunities, solving problems with proven service strategies, and elevating service as a core ideal of civic engagement. ServiceNation encourages all Americans to step forward and take the lead in bridging our divides, strengthening our communities, and building a more vibrant democracy.”

Especially given the economic times in which we find ourselves, ServiceNation is a movement which deserves our support.  Check them out and join me in signing their Declaration of Service.

You can also find ways to volunteer through their partnership with Network for Good and USA Freddom Corps, as well.  Within 20 miles of my office, there were 1820 opportunities – so surely there is something for everyone that wants to get more involved.