The Denver Post (Friday July 24th, 2009) had an article “Sage offers deals to do-gooders” by Steve Raabe. 

Sage Hospitality Resources is currently offering a “Give a Day, Get a Night” promotion.  Volunteer for a 501c3 and give 8 hours of community service and you can get a complimentary night stay or 50% discount on hotel rooms at one of 53 Sage hotels across the country. This special offer ends December 20, 2009.  All you have to do is check availability, make a reservation, and provide verification of your volunteering on the letterhead of the relevant 501c3 nonprofit organization you supported with your time.

In the article, Raabe quotes senior vice president of operations at Sage, “One of our values is giving back to the communities where we live and work.  It’s a tough environment right now for philanthropic groups, and we hope this gives them a boost.”  At a 50% discount, Sage is not making money – it is a break even point – but it helps them with their exposure and “it is better than having a room sit empty.”  Sage can make money if people taking advantage of the offer buy food and beverages while staying at the hotel.

This is great out of the box thinking and win-win!  Can help drive people to volunteer, nonprofits win and can offer it as a perk to their volunteers at no cost other than a piece of paper and a little admin time, and Sage wins while doing good and supporting volunteerism.  I like this!