Land Of a Thousand Hills Coffee


Yesterday I drove up to Ft. Collins, Colorado to see my 78-year old Dad for Father’s Day.  I met him and my mother at Christ Our Hope Anglican Church for the Sunday Service before going to my parent’s home for a backyard BBQ.  On the table just inside the door, was a display of coffee from Rwanda.  I thought coffee from Rwanda?  Didn’t know that country was a coffee producer.  The note on the back label read “Drink a Cup and Do Good” and “Proceeds from the sale of this specialty coffee ensure rural growers a Living Wage and provide microfinance loans to the lnyakurama, widows of the genocide.”  Caught my eye so I bought some to look into later.

Doing the research for my forthcoming book, Business Philanthropy: How Smart Companies Give Back, I remember being struck the fact that many of the smaller companies dealing in tea, coffee, and chocolate were great role models in terms of business social responsibility and Fair Trade. 

Going to the Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee website, I read “Most people will not associate the Republic of Rwanda with coffee” (hmmm…so I was not alone in that thought), “but it is in fact considered to be one of the finest in the world – after all, Africa is where the coffee bean originated. With volcanic soils, abundant rainfall and high altitude mountains, Rwanda has some of the best coffee-growing conditions in the world. But given this nation’s recent history, your bag of aromatic Arabica Borbon coffee beans comes with many a bittersweet story to go with it.”

So I was intrigued but could not figure out from the website if The Land of a Thousand Hills was a nonprofit organization or a business.  What was clear was that the Anglican Church was one of the distributions channels for their products.  So I wrote an email to Robert Crow to ask.  He answered almost immediately and sent me additional information.  In his email, he wrote, “The Anglican Church is very supportive of what we do, and many Anglican Churches form part of  the 200 plus churches that support our ministry to Rwanda and drink our coffee. We are very blessed by the Anglican Church and a number of our staff are Anglicans but we are not affiliated with one particular denomination,  we are a business run by Christians with a love of coffee and a strong belief in the fact we are all called to “engage redemption” in everything we do.  Rwandan Coffee is an incredible opportunity to share that belief.”

For more information, contact Robert Crow at 1-866-875-4369 or Their coffee and roasting house address (also their mailing address) is 352 South Atlanta St. Roswell, GA 30075. The website says, “Come visit us when you are in town!”