I mentor a thirteen year old girl through Denver Partners, a local mentoring program.  She is a great and we both learn a lot!  Yesterday she and I went to Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill on Colorado Boulevard in Denver for dinner – it is one of our favorite places.

While waiting in line, I noticed a flyer for their fundraiser program so I took one home.

I also went online to their webpage to see what I could find.  In addition to the fun beach noise- waves and birds – I noticed they have a link in their navigation panel “Fundraisers.”  The flyer and website both give detailed information on how to throw a Rubio’s Fundraiser including tips for successsful fundraisers. The website gives information on eligibility as well as other info.

The 5 steps are: “Fill out a Fiesta Fundraiser reservation form online, including date, time and location(s). You’ll need your organization’s Tax I.D. number. We’ll send an e-mail confirmation for your event, and a Fiesta Fundraiser Flyer customized just for you. Advertise! E-mail and hand out flyers to everyone you know (and even a few people you don’t). Your charitable organization will get 20% of each sale when your flyer is presented to our cashier on the night of the event. Cowabunga! Relax and enjoy your evening at Rubio’s knowing that you’re making people happy and making money for your organization. Your big fundraiser check will arrive 4-6 weeks after the event. Almost as satisfying as catching the perfect wave!”

Nice job.