Susan Hyatt’s four time award-winning book, Strategy for Good: Business Giving Strategies for the 21st Century, shows you how to create all-win solutions that demonstrate your values, benefit the causes you care most about, and boost your bottom line. Your company can be engaged in heartfelt ways that positively impact your community and your business goals, operations, and profitability.

About Strategy for Good

Giving back to local communities is a growing expectation for businesses coming from both outside and inside company walls. Community involvement is no longer a “nice to do” but a “need to do.”

Don’t be one of those companies that just tosses dollars at issues for a tax write-off. Strategy for Good shows you how to create all-win solutions that demonstrate your values, benefit the causes you care most about, and boost your bottom line. Your company can be engaged in heartfelt ways that positively impact your business goals, operations, and profitability.

This lively, accessible how-to resource guide will give you:

  • Best practice examples, tips, and insights on effective community involvement from over 50 business thought leaders;

  • The 7 essential steps of effective community involvement to take your strategy and organizational systems to the next level;

  • A menu of dozens of proven ways to engage with nonprofits and NGOs through contributions and commerce; and;

  • Food for thought suggestions to help generate even more ideas about ways to support the causes you care about–regardless of your company’s age, size, or profitability.

Jeffrey Swartz
Former CEO, Timberland

The notion that for-profit business can be a powerful force for civic good isn’t foreign, but that doesn’t mean all businesses know how to “do” social and civic engagement meaningfully and strategically. Susan Hyatt’s wisdom and experience, presented in a manner that’s realistic and relatable, makes Strategy for Good a must-read for business leaders wishing to create greater impact in the world.”

Strategy for Good provides a step by step guide for how corporations can align their unique assets to positively affect communities and impact the lives of individuals. This is an important roadmap for anyone who wants to ensure that the tremendous human capital, resources, and know-how of the private sector is harnessed to maximize social good.

Michelle Nunn
Former CEO, Point of Light
Anna Cunningham
Former Manager – Global Responsibility, Starbucks

“Whether aiming to get started or deepen existing investments, small companies will find Susan Hyatt’s approach to and ideas for community investments a useful tool to create positive impact for both business and neighborhoods’”

“Susan Hyatt explores the business advantages and mutual benefits of what we termed “Worthy Cause Marketing”. Giving non-profit supporters a social reason to buy your product is one of the most efficient ways to build brand loyalty. Strategy for Good is a must read for today’s entrepreneurs and start-ups.”

Bonnie Harvey & Michael Houlihan
Barefoot Wine Founders
David Batstone
Founder, Not for Sale Campaign

“Philanthropy and community engagement once shared an office next to the corporate mail room. Today they reside in the executive office. Susan Hyatt gives business leaders a guidebook for re-imagining how giving can energize corporate culture, sales, and brand.”

“The marriage of philanthropy and the corporate world is not only good business practice it is the right thing to do. In this book will you will learn: how to give and how to grow your business using timely, tested principles. Susan Hyatt is the Queen of Giving and the most trusted, non-biased resource in North America on corporate giving strategies.”

Barry Splichuk
Co-Author Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Founder, You’re My Hero Books
Wendy Spencer
Former CEO, Corporation for National and Community Service

This is exactly what I need to help coach businesses on how to become better “corporate citizens” and grow their companies too. Strategy for Good has just given me the gift of a great toolkit packed with knowledge and advice to motivate business leaders to make a real impact with a strategic engagement plan for good. This is no book to let sit on a shelf…this is a toolkit to success! Every business leader who implements what they learn from Strategy for Good will not only help their community but will grow their company from the benefits of becoming more altruistic.”