Susan Hyatt has an infectious energy and passion for strengthening corporate social responsibility (CSR), business philanthropy, and business-non-profit partnerships. As a nationally-known consultant, trainer, and speaker, Susan is dedicated to helping nonprofits and businesses partner more effectively for real impact on pressing social issues. Working with businesses of all sizes and nonprofit organizations internationally for more than 20 years, Sue continually pushes the envelope to find NEW ways to address issues to business growth and non-profit sustainability through strategic business partnerships.
Sue is the author of the four-time winning books “Strategy for Good” Business Giving Strategies for the 21st Century. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week, Convenience Store News, and The Akron Times Beacon.

Sue is a dynamic and energetic speaker offering memorable and thought-provoking presentations. She can deliver a customized, unforgettable keynote address for nonprofit fundraisers, corporate events, or as a breakfast, luncheon, or after-dinner speaker at association meetings and conferences.

Sample Available Speeches:

Giving Back is not just a nice to do – it’s a need to do!

In this presentation, you will discover how your company’s heartfelt give back can do “double duty” to also help build business in four key areas. Giving back is not just a nice to do – it’s a need to do. If you are not giving back you could be losing business!

Given today’s economic climate, the SUPER Strategies offer proven approaches to easily help increase the impact of your company’s giving in the community … and on your bottom line.

Help increase the impact of your company’s giving in the community

Helping grow nonprofit capacity to do good in the community

No Dollars? No worries!

Learn about commonly overlooked business resources you can leverage that are invaluable in helping grow nonprofit capacity to do good in the community.

Business Giving Strategies: You’re Never Too Small to Make a Difference

Strategic Philanthropy for Women Business Leaders

Please Contact Susan to discuss your needs and preferred topics for yout next meeting or conference at

info@bigpurposebigimpact.com or call 303-512-3994

Selected Speeches and Presentation


  • Strategic Partnership: Businesses and Nonprofits, Social Venture Partners Denver, Denver Co.
  • Business Partnerships for sustainability, HHS/ACF Health Profession Opportunity Grants Virtual Roundtable on Sustainability
  • Measuring Impact for Nonprofits, Social Venture Partners Denver Training Series, Denver Co.
  • Partnerships with Businesses for Nonprofits, Black Hills Community College RSVP, and Spearfish Coalition Nonprofit Training, Spearfish, SD.

South Dakota Commission on National and Community Service Annual Retreat. Chamberlain, SD.

  • Measuring Social Impact, Center for Education on Social Responsibility Stampede Marketplace of Ideas, Boulder, Co.
  • Making the Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy for Good Summit.
  • Trends in Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility, PBS Corporate Support Summit, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Navigating Corporate Social Responsibility: High Impact Community Engagement, Denver Co.
  • Collective Impact, Volunteer Impact for Education Initiative, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Partnerships with Business, 3rd Annual Nonprofit Management Conference, South Dakota Nonprofit Association, Rapid City, SD.
  • The Basics of Sustainability Planning, HHS/ACF Health Profession Opportunity Grants Annual Conference, Rosslyn, VA.
  • Collective Impact and Shared Measurement in Education Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Using Data to Tell you Story, Kansas Conference on Service and Volunteerism, Overland Park, KS.
  • AmeriCorps Performance Measurement Institute, CNCS, Washington D.C.
  • Trends in Corporate Measurement Volunteering, North Central National Service Convention, Dubuque, IA
  • Collective Impact, North Central National Service Convention, Dubuque IA
  • Performance Measurement, Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism Program Director’s Meeting, Atlanta, GA.
  • Saving Philanthropy Panel, Wyoming Philanthropy Days, Cheyenne, WY
  • Performance Measurement, Serve Delaware Quarterly AmeriCorps Program Directors Training, Newcastle, DE.
  • Taking Performance Measurement to the Next Level, AmeriCorps Program Directors Training, OH Commission on Service and Volunteerism, Columbus, OH.
  • Crafting your Company Strategy for Good, Strategy for Good Summit.


  • Be a Change Agent through Heart Smart Giving, Breaking Boundaries, Building Community, TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen – Denver, Co.
  • Beginning with the End in Mind. The Symposium: National Service as a Strategy for School Success – Thompsonville, MI.

“Sue’s presentation on measurement was the most helpful to me. She Provided a very understandable way to think about this – a way to work through it. I could use more of that!”

“Beginning with the End in Mind transformed our way of thinking in becoming “laser-focused” for maximum validation of tracking/presenting outcomes.”

  • Strategy for Good, United Way Business Cares Luncheon – Ft. Collins. CO.
  • Evidence-Basis for AmeriCorps Interventions. AmeriCorps Performance Measurement Institute – Bethesda, MD.
  • Pro Bono Volunteer Generation. Kansas Volunteer Commission – Wichita and Lawrence, KS/
  • AmeriCorps Grantee Roles and Responsibilities in Performance Measurement /Management. AmeriCorps Performance Measurement Institute – Bethesda MD.
  • Volunteer Generation Tips and Strategies, Kansas Volunteer Commission – Dodge City, Hays Wichita, and Lawrence, KS.
  • Nonprofit Leadership Skills for the 21st Century. Multi-State Service Commissioner Summit – Little Rock, AR.
  • Nonprofit Stewardship, Corporation for National and Community Service AmeriCorps Grantee Board Institute – Washington, D.C>

Other :

  • State Service Commissioner Institute – Washington, DC. “Strategic Partnerships with Business.” Sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service.
  • Denver Fundraising Summit, Denver, CO. “Cause Marketing: Building Profitable Relationships with Corporate Partners.” Sponsored by the Center for Nonprofit Success.
  • State Service Commissioner Development Institute – Washington D.C., “Strategic Partnerships with Business.” Sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service.
  • Nonprofit Executive Director Leadership Program – Denver Co. “Effective Communication for Business Partnerships.” Sponsored by the Denver Department of Strategic Partnerships.
  • Colorado Conference on Volunteerism & Service-Learning – Colorado Springs, CO. “Strategic Partnerships with Businesses.”