WHAT:   PURPOSE-DRIVEN Business Summit!
WHEN:   July 20-31, 2020
WHERE: Online

What is the PURPOSE-DRIVEN Business Summit?

The inaugural PURPOSE-DRIVEN Business Summit will be a two week-long virtual conference.  The Summit focuses on the latest trends and strategies for creating impact and positive change through purpose-driven business and will feature 20 inspiring business leaders and world-class speakers.
Big Purpose Big Impact Ltd. founded the PURPOSE-DRIVEN Business Summit to:

  • Raise the visibility and dialogue about the myriad ways purpose-driven companies of all sizes effectively engage in local and global communities to create social or environmental good using their unique competencies and connections; and
  • Inspire start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to also take more intentional action to create and leverage social and/or environmental good while also building business value

Why is now the time for the PURPOSE-DRIVEN Business Summit?

During these times of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, high unemployment, and generally high levels of uncertainty, we decided to launch the PURPOSE-DRIVEN Business Summit to provide as many people as possible exposure to and food for thought about innovative approaches to taking positive action so maybe they will consider how to pivot and use business as a force for good.  We want to inspire even more people to take the leap and create purpose-driven businesses as well as celebrate the many trailblazers who are already leading the way in this space.

Speakers Include: