Want More Resources from the Business Community to Fund Your Nonprofit's Programs?

One online course can transform your nonprofit fundraising with businesses from frustration with too many "NOs" to having loyal company partners that invest year after year.

Have you ever:

  • Felt sick and tired of always “begging” for money?
  • Wondered how to get a business to see your value?
  • Been curious what businesses REALLY want from community involvement?
  • Been unclear what assets you bring to the table?
  • Thought about ways a company can support you other than money?
  • Treated your business partners as “cash cows” instead of partners?

Businesses are bombarded daily with requests from great nonprofit organizations like yours -  all working on critical local issues.  To insure success, your ask for resources and support MUST stand out and the opportunity MUST be mutually beneficial!

Hi! I'm Susan Hyatt.

My favorite projects help businesses and nonprofits create great partnerships that produce positive change for the community.  I have worked with some of the most recognized nonprofits, businesses and thought leaders in the world on how to achieve amazing results through joint initiatives. As Founding Executive Director of B:CIVIC (Businesses Committed to Investing and Volunteering in the Community), I worked with all size companies on promotion, recognition and advancement of business philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) so I have lots of "insider scoop" to share with you. Because of my evaluation background, I have a tendency to approach everything from an “if you’re not moving the needle, you need to upgrade your approach” mindset.  I’m all about win-win collaborations that bring unique competencies and resources to the table to leverage greater change than going it in a silo.

I have researched community engagement programs (some impactful but a lot that didn't maximize the opportunity), interviewed business and nonprofit leaders with amazing community programs, created effective partnership initiatives myself, and in the process identified universal pattern of success.

My work has given me some important insights that you and your team can benefit from:

  • Lots of nonprofits tend to approach companies for donations the same way they do individuals because they don't fully understand business perspectives and current trends in corporate social responsibility and business philanthropy.
  • Strategies for identifying and cultivating business supporters with natural links to their work and growing the engagement over time often don't exist.
  • Asks tend to be over focused on nonprofit needs forgetting being reciprocal in any relationship is critical.

What Successful Nonprofits Do Differently to Get Business Resources:

Consider companies "partners" not "donors".

Key-icon greenTapping business expertise and involving employees in meaningfully ways in a program creates more sustainable relationships than just asking for donations.

Research companies BEFORE making contact.

Key-icon greenApproaching a company having clearly done homework about what it does and how it gives back, starts the dialogue for support significantly ahead of those that do no research first.

Ask for resources and support beyond dollars.

Key-icon greenHaving a "needs list" that includes a range of ways to get involved is a great way to entice new companies and those with tight philanthropy budgets to begin a partnership that can expand over time.

Talk about their work in a way that grabs attention.

Key-icon greenSuccinctly talking about their work, highlighting the issue and the impact of their unique solution, sparks greater interest among people in business...and they want to learn more.

Tailor asks to each company.

Key-icon greenCrafting an ask that taps a company's unique competences and resources, offers options for engagement, and is flexible enough to incorporate their input is a winning approach.

Use fresh fun ideas for engagement.

Key-icon greenDesigning unique and creative ways to engage companies and their employees creates buzz and greater support than old school activities like galas or golf tournaments.

Tapping new business resources can help strengthen and grow your important programming if you demonstrate why your organization is a great investment for community good while providing a clear benefit to the business.

Developing new strategies that create results is the right thing for you now if you are: 


You received a “NO” from a company that you always have counted on for annual support.



You need resources NOW for an event or program and you’re running out of time.



Your ask works with some companies but just not the ones you REALLY want.



You aren’t sure where to start or what to do next to dramatically improve your success with business fundraising.


You just need a simple step-by-step plan to achieve your nonprofit's business fundraising goals.

Introducing The Power of Partnerships:
A 5-module online course that will transform your approach to tapping business resources.

Your Online Course Includes:

The online course is offered in 5 learning modules. Each module includes a training video to watch when your schedule allows, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to your development efforts with companies.
You also get lifetime access to the course so you can refer back whenever you want.  Plus, you also automatically receive any future updates to course materials to stay current with business giving trends.
There are three course packages for you to choose from based on your preferences, learning style, and budget.  Full details are in the table below.
Package 1:  Self Study ($57) - Get immediate access to the course and do the modules completely at your own pace - as your schedule permits.
Package 2: Community ($97) - All the great content and materials to do at your own pace but not alone! Attend live Q&A Lab calls to ask your specific questions and get direct feedback from Sue and your nonprofit peers taking the course.  PLUS, you get access to the Closed Facebook Group to stay connected, share insights and get feedback between Q&A calls.
Package 3: Full Meal Deal ($197) - The most comprehensive high touch option includes two 30-minute individual coaching calls via phone or Skype PLUS unlimited email support directly from Sue...in addition to the training community access and all the online course materials.

The Course Modules

  • MODULE 1: Get Clear on What Resources You Need and For What Purpose
  • MODULE 2: Identify and Research Your Company Partnership Prospects
  • MODULE 3: Build Your Case for Support
  • MODULE 4: Connect, Cultivate, and Make the Ask
  • MODULE 5: Create a Strong Foundation and Execute the Partnership

MODULE 1: Get Clear on What Resources You Need and For What Purpose

Begin with the end

At the end of this module, you will have clear goals for your organization’s fundraising with businesses, identify specific needs for various events, programs, and/or projects you want to do that companies can help you with, and know which companies that support you currently are prime targets for expanded engagement.

You will discover:
  • Your organization's readiness to take on an expanded business resource portfolio and the internal systems that may need strengthening to insure you are successful.
  • How business supporters currently help you and identify opportunities for expanded access to needed resources.
  • Specific needs your organization has for programs, projects, events, and/or general capacity building.

You will receive:
  • Blueprint: Partnership Planning - Get clear on your organizations goals, timelines, needs, and benchmarks for raising more resources from companies.
  • Power Tool: Business Support Assessment - Identify what business supporters currently provide you and identify opportunities for expansed access to needed resources.
  • PDF Template: Business Resource Checklist
  • PDF Template: 50+ Ways to Tap Business Resources

MODULE 2: Identify and Research Your Company Partnership Prospects



At the end of this module, you will have a core list of company prospects to cultivate and ideas for customizing a partnership with each that is mutually beneficial.

You will discover:

The business relationship continuum so you can easily identify, pivot and meet companies where they are in their giving sophistication during cultivation and the ask.

Ways to identify business prospects beyond the "usual suspects" that are in alignment with your mission and values making it easier to expand your business partnership portfolio.

Proven strategies for researching companies BEFORE you make contact and what you must look for.

You will receive:

Blueprint: Top Prospect Assessment - Identify three companies, why you selected them, and options how you could work together.

Power Tool: Company Research Framework - The essential step-by-step process for researching business basics, giving focus, and their potential areas of need.

PDF Template: Company Giving Profile

PDF Template: Keys to Identifying Company Prospects Beyond the Usual Suspects

MODULE 3: Build Your Case for Support

WHy what how


At the end of this module, you will have an attention grabbing "Impact Pitch" and case for support that you customize for use with different companies at various stages along the partnership development cycle.

You will discover:

The business partnership development cycle, the stage each target company is currently in, and how to move them along to a "YES."

The essential formula to use to craft your Impact Pitch so you stand out from the crowd of other worthy nonprofits also seeking resources.

How to offer mutual benefit by identifying assets your nonprofit has that could help a business achieve its goals.

You will receive:

Blueprint: Case for Support Template - Identify and speak clearly what your nonprofit or program does, its impact, and why you are a great investment.

Power Tool: The Impact Pitch Formula - Grab attention quickly to get people engaged at a deeper level during prospecting and cultivation.

PDF Template: Aligning Your Assets With Needs Business Needs

MODULE 4: Connect, Cultivate, and Make the Ask



At the end of this module, you will know how to navigate small, medium, and large businesses to find the best person to connect with, have an action plan for moving prospects from cultivation to the ask including who to contact and what you need to provide them during the process.

You will discover:
  • The best corporate departments and budgets to tap based on what you need.
  • How to the find the best way in and get to the "right" people who can make a decision.
  • Ways to ask that work and common mistakes nonprofit make that you need to avoid.
  • How to handle "NOs" and use the opportunity to strengthen future asks

You will receive:
  • Power Tool: Prospect to Ask Action Plan
  • PDF Template: Navigating Different Size Business Cheatsheet
  • PDF Template: Common Business Complaints About Engaging with Nonprofits

MODULE 5: Create a Strong Foundation and Execute the Partnership



At the end of this module, you will know the essential steps to take to formalize your partnership, start off with a solid foundation, and manage the relationship with your business supporter.

You will discover:

  • The importance of clearly defining expectations and desired results for both your nonprofit and the business.
  • Best tools for formalizing the partnership including roles, responsibilities, and timelines for accountability.
  • Keys to insuring your partnership has broad support in both organizations.

You will receive:

  • Power Tool: Create Partnership SMART Goals for Mutual Benefit
  • PDF Template: Sample Foundation Tools for Partnerships (MOUs, letters, etc.)
  • PDF Template: New Partnership Launch Checklist

This program was very worthwhile. I gained huge insight into identifying, building, and maintaining business relationships including how to make the ask.

Ginger Garite - Board of Directors, Smart Girl

Great program, arming our organization with the confidence and tools to approach business relationships with an engaging and mutually beneficial story.

Maia Stone - Executive Director, MindSpark

Susan has a true understanding of the nonprofit community AND corporate culture. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.

Nancy Miller - Director of Development, Colorado Neurological Institute

Sue Hyatt is a powerhouse of information on partnerships between businesses and nonprofits.  You will gain valuable ideas for bringing more resources to your organization!

Andrea Costantine - Community Engagement Strategist, Andrea Costantine Intl


Nonprofit Sustainability Training
Value $47.00

Bonus Module Cover

What is sustainability? What do you want to sustain?

Learn about the four pillars essential to include in successful sustainability planning, the importance of using a multi-prong approach, and where to focus your efforts to get the most bang for the buck from your time.

PDF of Powerpoint Slides
60 minute webinar video
Downloadable audio MP3 file
19 page workbook with worksheets and handouts of essential content

Strategy for Good Digital Book
Value $9.99

Your choice of Kindle, Nook, or iBook.

My four time award-winning 323-page book was written for small and mid-size companies on how to create all-win solutions that demonstrate their values, benefit the causes they care most about, and boost the company's bottom line. Companies can be engaged in heartfelt ways that positively impact their community and business goals, operations, and profitability.

Understanding what businesses are looking for helps you be MUCH MORE effective when approaching them for support. This is a MUST READ for savvy nonprofit leaders!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course content and the potential impact it will have for your nonprofit organization, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days. No hoops. Just send us an email.

Once you click the Register Now! button above, you'll be taken to our secure checkout. After your registration is complete, you'll be sent an email receipt. Your course login information will be sent to the email you provide during registration and a link to your Bonus Materials.  I'll see you on the inside!

To Your Success,

Susan Hyatt

P.S.  Don't forget, you  get lifetime access to all the great Modules and their content so you can refer back whenever you want down the road.

If I can answer any questions, please send me an email or call 720-593-0808. Visit our website at http://www.bigpurposebigimpact.com