Peaberry Coffee (a Colorado gourmet coffee shop chain) on 2nd Avenue in Denver’s Cherry Creek,  is one of my favorite remote office locations – a Big Joe nonfat cappuccino while working on the computer is great!  In the past week, they have put up four new posters in the shop announcing their partnership with Socially Conscious Coffee, a nonprofit founded in 2002 to provide education, healthcare, opportunity, and support to the families of coffee harvesters and their neighbors. The SCC website has a partners page and Peaberry is listed with its logo as a major ongoing partner giving between $10,000 – $24,999/year.

SCC has a web page titled, Why We Do It.  I have been to many nonprofit websites and unfortunately few have such a page (but I wish they did!) so it tweaked my interest immediately.  It says, “Our programs invest directly in education, environmental stewardship, and economic development within an underdeveloped remote region of Northeast Brazil. We are providing assistance to the most disadvantaged people in the coffee supply chain – those who harvest what’s in your cups.

Prior to the assistance and programs provided by SCC, these farming families lived and worked in area with limited infrastructure, schools, services, and transportation. The coffee harvesters continued to work very hard but have historically had limited opportunities to gain an education, obtain healthcare, or develop diverse workforce skills needed to build a better future for themselves and their children. Without assistance, these families will continue to face the same issues of poverty and subsistence living.”

In addition to the posters, they also have flyers by the coffee machine with information about SCC.  This is a great example of a company supporting a nonprofit that is ABSOLUTELY relevant to the core focus of the business.  Good job Peaberry!