I have been checking the bookstore daily for the October edition of Entrepreneur Magazine to be put out on the shelves.  Today I found it in the Barnes & Noble near my house in Denver.  The wait is over!!

I was interviewed a couple months back by Carol Tice for an article she was writing on the effects of tough economic times on small business giving.  She found me online and called to do an interview.  She was very knowledgeable about business social responsibility and the world of nonprofits so we had a great conversation.  I was contacted later by an editor at Entrepreneur to check the spelling of my name, the company name, that I was a Business Philanthropy Coach and from Denver.  So I knew I was going to be mentioned but had no idea what she would say exactly.

The article, Keep Giving Back: In a Struggling Economy, Entrepreneurs Get Creative with Philanthropy is on page 54 of the print version.  I am one of five paragraphs and got the closing line!

“If you’re short on funds but still want to help out your community, be focused and strategic, making sure the giving you do participate in is impactful and resonates with employees and customers, says Susan Hyatt, a business philanthropy coach.  Your company could loan out executives, provide mentoring, donate goods or participate in walkathons.  Entrepreneurs can also help charities raise their profile by chairing a fundraiser or serving on the board, which will inspire others to give as well…Says Hyatt, “This economy forces people to be more creative and rethink the best way to support their local communities.”

For the full article, click here.