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4 Pillars v2


To be truly sustainable you must be clear what you are trying to sustain and focus on more than just “fundraising!”


Any organization that seeks to be truly sustainable MUST address each of the four pillars. Focusing on the unique contribution of each pillar strengthens your overall sustainability plan.


Think beyond money. Yes, it’s important…but many nonprofits stop there. Tapping the many other resources available will add to your sustainability .

What else can donors and partners offer that will be useful? What about training, meeting rooms, supplies etc.?  Do you think broadly about whom to approach?  Individuals, foundations, grants, businesses, civic organizations are but a few possibilities.


Don’t do this alone. Your organization will be much more viable if you develop strategic partnerships. These can include businesses, other nonprofits, government agencies, professional organizations and service providers.

What assets do you bring to the table? What do you need from partners, both short term and longer term?


Don’t overlook essential internal support.  It’s dangerous to assume that everyone in your organization is as jazzed as you are about the mission and strategic activities. Top to bottom organizational support is essential to sustainability.

Are people within your organization fully supportive? Do you have active support from all parts of the organization? Do the different sections of your organization work together?  Do the fiscal and program offices work closely together?


Tell your story boldly to a broad audience. Yes, it needs to be exciting. It needs to be real. It needs to reflect what you do. And why others should care.

What’s the community issue you address? What difference do you make that I would care about? How are you successful?


We offer a range of services to strengthen your nonprofit and maximize your sustainability.

Performance Measurement

Identify and measure key program outputs and outcomes.
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AmeriCorps Grant Support

Strengthen new, renewal and continuation AmeriCorps State and National and other CNCS grants.

Board Development

Orientation, board/staff roles and ongoing leadership education.


Design and conduct independent evaluations to document the impact of your programs.

Business Partnerships

Training and matchmaking to connect you with the resources you need.

Cause Marketing

Develop win-win campaigns with business partners to generate income.

Strategic Planning

Clarify your future directions to stay on track and avoid mission creep.

Tell the Story

Develop ways to effectively share what you do and the difference it makes.


Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt

Over the last 20 years, Susan has worked with thousands of nonprofit leaders from all 50 states and 8 countries representing the smallest local start ups like Denver’s B:CIVIC to large international organizations such as Save the Children and Habitat for Humanity.

Her specialties include:
• business-nonprofit partnerships and cause marketing
• corporate social responsibility and business philanthropy
• performance measurement and evaluation

Susan was the Founding Executive Director of B:CIVIC, a Colorado-based nonprofit for companies of all sizes promoting business philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. She is the author of four-time award-winning book, Strategy for Good: Business Giving Strategies for the 21st Century.

Justine Murray

Justine Murray

For decades, Justine has demonstrated her commitment to social justice, volunteerism, and international affairs through her work with the Peace Corps as well as AmeriCorps and the other Corporation for National and Community Service-funded National Service programs large and small throughout the US.

Her specialties include:
· strategic and annual action plan development and retreat facilitation
· National service grants management and program development
· organizational and board development
· training design and implementation

Justine was Project Director and lead consultant for 8 national training and technical assistance contracts to support nonprofit capacity building totaling more than $10 million.




Sue Hyatt is a powerhouse of information on partnerships between businesses and nonprofits.  You will gain valuable ideas for bringing more resources to your organization!
Andrea Costantine
Andrea Costantine Owner, Andrea Costantine International

So wonderful to see Justine again. All my experiences with her training and facilitation have been incredibly constructive learning that made me a better commissioner for Alaska. Thank you, thank you, Justine.

Dawn Grossman
Dawn Grossman Alaska State House of Representatives aide to Rep. Jim Colver Serve Alaska, State Service Commission Commissioner

Susan has a true understanding of the nonprofit community AND corporate culture. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller Director of Development, Colorado Neurological Institute

Sue armed our organization with the confidence and tools to approach business relationships with an engaging and mutually beneficial story.

Maia Stone
Maia Stone Executive Director, MindSpark

I gained huge insight into identifying, building, and maintaining business relationships including how to make the ask.

Ginger Garite
Ginger Garite Board of Directors, Smart Girl