On Monday, I attended the O3 Nonprofit Summit in Denver; I was on a panel about Corporate Sector Response to our economic times.  I was struck by how many of the social sector staff attending the Summit still talk about “donors and fundraising” instead of developing integrated win/win partnerships with companies, especially smaller local ones.  For 10 years, I have trained nonprofits nationally on how to partner with businesses.  (Guess I need to do more work in my own backyard!)  I know from first hand experience that nonprofits that can expand their perspective past checkbook philanthropy to really think mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses are able to develop more substantial relationships that last over time.  I am back on my soapbox…   And I truly believe these times call for collective and creative efforts drawing on the best of all sectors.

Today I launched our 2009 survey for nonprofits to collect information about their partnerships with businesses.  I hope to add to the vast amount of resources I already have on the subject tand use it to inspire both nonprofits and businesses to get more invovled with each other.  The survey gauges nonprofits’ sense of their own effectiveness in six areas related to business partnerships.  It is also designed to collect information about nonprofit best practices in partnering with businesses, challenges experienced, tips and strategies for successful partnering, the types of benefits/resources received, and any impact of current economic conditions.

If you are with a nonprofit, I invite you to click the link and complete this survey.  I appreciate your time.  http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB228VWVAZBC4

A survey for small and mid-size companies will be released shortly.

Also, I will be doing a workshop in Denver on April 28th 1-4pm, Recession Proof Resources: How Smart Nonprofits Design Strategic Partnerships with Businesses.  It comes with a 4 hour workshop, 1 hour consultation with me, a 100 page workbook, and perspective and support from myself and the group.  A steal at $99…but I want to be sure that cost doesn’t limit smaller nonprofit’s participation.  I will have a page up here for sign-ups shortly.  So if you know any nonprofits in Denver, let them know!  And if you’d like me to give a workshop on this important topic in your city, drop me an email.