Last weekend I attended Mark Victor Hansen‘s  MEGASpeaking Empire event in Los Angeles as part of Brendon Burchard’s Center Ring.  Brendon was a featured speaker at the event and did his usual fabulous job!

While I was there, I was very interested to learn of Mark Victor Hansen’s Foundation.  Its mission is “to end global poverty by promoting entrepreneurial literacy on this planet.”  The MVH Foundation currently sponsors four programs.  Check them out by clicking the links.

The Soul Solution Program – Pathways out of Poverty

The Young Entrepreneurial Challenge – Developing Visionaries

Free Enterprise Scholarship Program – Empowering Young Adults

The Bookmarks Program – Building Bridges to Education

During the MegaSpeaking event, Mark’s event volunteers distibuted envelopes to all attendees so we could make donations to the MVH Foundation as part of our thanks for the value we were receiving from the event.  Volunteers collected the envelopes and then drew one name to receive one of Mark’s products as a thank you.  What a great way to promote the MVH Foundation, increase its visibility, and get needed resources.

The donation envelopes were also available at the MVH Foundation’s display table outside the ballroom.  I liked that the envelope gave the option of contributing as an individual or business either as a one-time gift or a monthly contribution.  They had a nice graphic featuring three levels in the Monthly Donor Program of $25, $50, and $100 though one could select a different amount above.  Nicely done!

At the MegaSpeaking event, the MVH Foundation also had a silent auction of products and services donated by the various speakers and exhibitors with the proceeds to be given to the Foundation.  I bid on the new WOW Factor Program, the Take-Home Experience for Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Others That Make Presentations created and donated by Lynn Rose, who also is also an amazing singer.  Lynn is fabulous, check out her music – I bought her latest CD and am loving it!  Lynn has a great heart and is giving back in some unique ways – I’ll do another post just on her soon!  Unfortunately, I did not have the winning bid but the Director of the MVH Foundation called and personally left me a message to let me know and thank me for my support.  Now THAT’S GREAT customer service.  You can be sure I am now even more intersted in supporting their work!  The personal touch goes a LONG way…too many other nonprofits and foundations still need to learn that lesson!

Doing research online after I got home, I really liked how clear the MVH Foundation’s webpage was on how to get involved with their efforts to alleviate poverty. This makes it very easy for a business or individual to know the range of options available to participate – everything from a attending their big upcoming fundraiser called the Soul Motion Ball to donating a silent auction item.  Specifically, the page provided information on how to,

“Attend the Soul Motion Ball—Rockin’ The Universe

January 31, 2009 6:30-11:30, with the Global Humanity Pre-Event VIP Reception from 5:30-6:30pm
The Irvine Marriott Hotel
18000 Von Karman Avenue
Irvine, California 92612″

as well as how to make a contribution, donate online or by mail or phone, workplace giving, gifts to honor someone special, gifts of stock, leave a legacy, and/or contribute an auction item.

All in all, it’s a great model!  While I was on the MVH Foundation website’s Visionaries Page, I noticed that Rick Frishman with Morgan James Publishing that I wrote a blog post about a couple days ago is on the Board of Directors which is great!  So be sure to go check it all out!  On the MVH Foundation’s home page, you can sign up to receive Mark’s free 114 page eBook, the Miracle of Tithing.  I signed up, did the downloaded and now look forward to reading it!

Mark’s next event is MEGABook Marketing.  If the event MEGABook is anything like the MEGA Speaking event, it is sure to be inspiring.