A couple years ago, my Dad saved me a bag of milk jug caps from Oakhurst Dairy while spending the summer at our family place in Holden, Maine so I could use them as props during training workshops on strategic philanthropy.  The caps each had a sticker on them stating that Oakhurst Dairy donates 10% of profits to kids & the environment.  They also ran commercials on TV that mentioned their community involvement, as well.

I am in Maine this week and saw that the May 22nd edition of the Bangor Daily News had a half page color advertisement for Oakhurst Dairy with the headline: “Vote Local. Vote Quality.  Vote Oakhurst.” The ad showed a milk jug and a lid – both displaying that they still are committed to 10% of profits to support healthy kids and a healthy environment.  While the ad does not say so, when reviewing their website, Oakhurst donates 10% of pre-tax dollars – which represents a significant commitment to community on their part.  Many companies calculate their percentage donation based on after tax profit.

On the website, Oakhurst states, “As a family owned company, we try every day to be more than just the best milk on the shelf. The people who choose Oakhurst are our friends and neighbors, and it thrills us that as Oakhurst has grown, so too has our opportunity to be part of a wider community.

We appreciate the people who choose to drink our milk – that’s why we donate 10% of pre-tax profits to causes benefiting kids and the environment. Keeping that pledge has enabled us to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations making a difference in our community.

Everyday in New England is filled with new opportunities for families to explore, learn and have fun. And we’re excited to be a part of it. So we sponsor hundreds of events across northern New England celebrating life in our community – like fairs, festivals, parades, amateur and school sports, coastal clean-up days and more!”

The website gives a list of some of the nonprofit organizations they have supported recently.  I always like to see when businesses list the names of the actual organizations they have supported.  Some also list the dollar values of that support.  Oakhurst does not and neither does my company Business Nonprofit Connections.  If you don’t give some specifics about what types of causes you support and some examples of the types of organizations on your website or other marketing materials, it is something you should consider, in an effort to improve your transparency and “get credit” for what your company is doing.