Just saw this on Facebook –Kelly Ripa is in the Electrolux ad promoting Earth Day and Electrolux’s Virtual Flower Garden.  If you plant a flower, Electrolux donates $1 to Global Green USA.

I clicked to plant a virtual flower in Facebook and got an error message that said it was having trouble and try again.  Hate that…get me all interested and then it flops??  So I went to the Electrolux website…and while I saw green appliances and Kelly…I could find nothing about the virtual garden.  So either it is hidden or it is bad timing on their part.  Before they announce an initiative like this, they should have had their ducks in a row to make it easy for people to participate. Nothing on the Global Green site yet either…

The best information I could find was on the I’m Not Obsessed” blog:  “Kelly and Electrolux have teamed up to release an eco-friendly washer and dryer in a vibrant “Kelly Green.” Kelly inspired this limited edition line because of her commitment to green living.

‘I love green… the color green and the act of living green,’ said Ripa. ‘What better place to make a simple, every day difference than in the laundry room? Kelly Green is a gorgeous shade, and just by using the new Electrolux high-efficiency washer and dryer you can save energy and use less water. How green is that?’ “

In addition to releasing the Kelly Green washer and dryer, Electrolux is kicking off a virtual flower garden campaign to raise awareness and funds for Global Green USA (which is running a healthy green schools initiative across America).

For every person who goes to Electrolux Appliances and plants a virtual flower for a friend, Electrolux will donate $1 to Global Green USA. Every person who logs in and donates $1 will also be entered into a drawing to win a new Kelly Green front-load washer and dryer.”

Tip for other businesses: Make sure your site is all set to go before word starts circulating about the great promotion you are doing!!