At a Brendon Burchard event last year, I met Justin Sachs – a dynamic, thoughtful and very well-spoken young man who is totally committed to youth leadership.  I recently received an email about the upcoming launch for his new book, “Your Mailbox is Full” and I was very impressed to see he is has committed that book sales will benefit his favorite charities: Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and Kiwanis.  Coincidentally, I have worked with Javier LaFianza, the CEO of HOBY, so it is a small world indeed!  Talking recently with Javier it was clear they are very pleased to be included as a partner with Justin (who is also a HOBY Alum)…and hope Justins sells MANY copies both for himself and to support their organization. 

This is a great example of a win-win partnership.  Awareness of HOBY and Kiwanis is increased and they will receive funds, as well; Justin gets exposure through the networks of both those nonprofits to help boost his book sales.

Justin is planning a huge book launch next month which I am pleased to support.  The following describes his book – check it out.

“Our friend Justin Sachs is launching his new book, Your Mailbox Is Full as one of the largest Teen Book Launch’s in history. His book is the perfect tool for teenagers and young adults who are pursuing greatness in their lives, and the best part is, a portion of the proceeds benefit his two favorite youth leadership non-profit organizations, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and Kiwanis International.

Your Mailbox Is Full à

To make things even better: Justin is offering a free coaching session to the first 25 people who purchase his book! If you have a teenager or young adult, or know someone who does this book will change their lives!

Act Now to ensure you get your FREE Coaching Session with the Author!

Things Just Get Better and Better and Better! Justin is offering over $2,000 in free bonuses just for purchasing the book!

This book is being compared to the bestsellers Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens and Success Strategies for Teens. So make sure to purchase yours NOW because you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to contribute to your teenager or young adult’s life.

Check it out:

Justin began his experience in personal development in an Anthony Robbins seminar full of thousands of adults. He wrote this book so teenagers won’t have to end up in an endless stream of personal development seminars later in life. Now is the time to support your teenager with the tools and strategies they need for success!

Don’t Wait:”

So I plan to follow Brendon and Justin’s lead and tie my own book and its launch to a nonprofit partner.  How about you?