I just ran across an interesting campaign being run on Facebook.  Intel is donating 5 cents for every online click to Save the Children and Kiva.  The Facebook page stated, “Intel Will Donate 5 cents for You to Save the Children and Kiva. All you have to do is visit their website and click a button.

Help by doing this now at: http://www.smallthingschallenge.com

You can also help by spreading the word to your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook status updates, or IMs.

Intel’s Small Things Challenge is a campaign based on the premise that every small action can make a big difference. It aims to raise awareness and money for two of the worlds most pressing challenges — increasing access to quality education and fostering economic development in emerging countries.”

So I clicked, they donated, and I learned more about this effort.  So, go visit the website, click, and then help spread the word!  All it takes is a little time!

Four years ago I met Beau Perry from a Bay area company, AIDE, Inc., at the Green Business Conference in San Francisco.  Their specialty was doing this type of online cause marketing campaigns where a corporate sponsor would pay a certain amount for each click on a link sent out via email to the nonprofit partner’s distribution list – only one click a day was allowed per person for the duration of the campaign.  The emails provided information both about the nonprofit and the corporate sponsor, as did the website where you were taken by the link to click.  The email also allowed you to invite others to join in so the word was spread virally giving the sponsor increased exposure.  I participated in one that benefitted sea turtles in Sri Lanka after the tsunami.  They had a great concept so I interviewed Beau for my book.  I was sad when I learned that AIDE, Inc. was defunct but glad to see the idea lives on!