I was wandering through the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver last week and stopped into a new store that I had not seen before called Cali & Mo selling an eclectic mix of antique and new apparel, accessories and home decor.  On a sale rack I found a T-shirt that was really unusual and though I need another T-shirt like I need a hole in the head…I had to try it on.  While in the dressing room, I read the shirt’s tag and then was totally convinced I needed to buy it.  The T-shirt is made by Humanity and it was clear from the tag they are about making a difference.  It actually states that on the front and on the back it reads “We call it random acts of kindness.  But actually there is nothing random about it.  It is purely intentional.  The human soul longs to do good but is at a loss for direction.  Humanity is each and every individual standing united with one single purpose.  That purpose is the dignity, respect, and well-being for all.  Become a part of Humanity.  A percentage of each purchase goes to fund non-profit organizations.  Become a part of Humanity and make a difference.”

From the Humanity website, I learned that “Humanity is a tapestry of art and written text that unfolds the story of individuals, social justice, and the environment. Founded in August 2007 by Helena Cho and Tammy Hotsenpiller , this successful organization aims to raise awareness of various causes around the world through fashion. By designing t-shirts and accessories with positive messages, Humanity is spreading knowledge to people of all ages on issues ranging from humanitarianism to the environment.”

Also, “Humanity is a successful for-profit company, that has joined efforts with non-profit organizations to raise awareness of particular needs and causes.  By designing and manufacturing T-shirts, Humanity is able to save the non-profit organization valuable dollars, while branding their name as well.”

In the women’s T-shirt section, they have shirts designed in honor of Rosa Parks, Hurricane Katrina, Mother Earth, Love, Patience…and more.  They have shirts for men and kids, as well.

Cool company, check them out!