“Happiness Is” Film Says Giving Is The Way To Contentment

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

In 2006, documentary filmmaker Andrew Shapter wanted to know what “the pursuit of Happiness” really means in America today. How are people pursuing happiness in their own lives? Is happiness really something, as humans, we can actively pursue? So he and a small crew piled into an RV, and over the course of the next three years, drove across America to find out.

“I asked people, ‘what is it that makes you happy, what is your pursuit of happiness and how do you achieve it?’ I looked for people that are really satisfied with what they are doing in their lives,” Shapter said.  The more I went around and had these soul-searching conversations, I realized the people who were happiest were those who tried to make their community better. Those were the happiest people around…Shapter’s new movie “Happiness Is” documents his journey and the people he found along the way who believe they have found a way to pursue happiness. Shapter also interviews celebrities and leaders — the Dalai Lama and Willie Nelson both make brief appearances in the movie.  But most of the documentary is dedicated to happenstance; recorded moments where the filmmaker and his crew stumble upon scenes where people are celebrating the act of giving back.”

I love this – even “the screening tour is a unconventional: Shapter plans screenings across the country at venues provided by nonprofits in need. Then, he donates all the ticket proceeds to benefit the charity that hosts the screening. Production and tour costs are paid for through the purchase of DVDs and downloads, available at the screenings and on the film’s online store. At the very first screening, “Happiness Is” raised $10,000 for CapCityKids in Austin, Texas.”

Check it out – I really want to see this movie!  Here is the list of currently scheduled screenings.  Or you can download it for $9.95 or order a DVD for $16.95.