Today I got notification from the Chronicle of Philanthropy about a call on August 25th you might want to join. I interviewed Mike Hannigan for my book and he has a lot of great things to share.  For highlights from my interview about Give Something Back, click here.

From the Chronicle’s website I found the following, “Mike Hannigan, a co-founder of the Give Something Back office- supply company, in Oakland, Calif., and his employees calculate how much of the store’s previous year’s profits they can afford to give to charity. So far, the company has donated about $4-million.

Through a balloting process, the company’s customers choose which charities will get 40 percent of the business’s donations, employees decide on 30 percent, and Mr. Hannigan and Sean Marx, his business partner and co-founder, decide on the other 30 percent.

You can learn more about the company’s approach in a conversation sponsored by The Chronicleand Bolder Giving, an organization that works to encourage philanthropists to give more generously.

Mike Hannigan will be available on Wednesday, August 25, at noon U.S. Eastern time to take questions about how he devised this unusual approach to giving and how others can copy it. Also joining the discussion will be Anne Ellinger, a co-founder of Bolder Giving.”  Click here for details on joining in on the 25th.