Today I saw a Tweet from City Year fly by about Games That Give.  After I retweeted it (yup…attended a social media workshop this week so I am pretty proud of myself for upgrading my skills…), as I had never heard of it before, I checked it out.  And…20 minutes later I have now played 4 hands of solitaire and 2 of Gems – and the site’s sponsors have donated money to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, the charity I picked from their list of charities to support before playing my selected games.  Other nonprofits you can support on their site include City Year, Jumpstart, the American Heart Association, Service Nation, and others.

So how does it work?  You play for free, they sell ads, and 70% of the ad revenue goes to the charity of your choice.  When I was playing solitaire, behind the card spread, the “table cloth” for my first couple rounds was the Dove logo, for the second couple rounds the Domino’s Pizza logo.  The logo is visible at all times but does not interfere with playing the game.

It cracked me up that on the page where the game is played, there is a link to click if the boss is coming – and it opens another window over the game — with a nondisclosure agreement that appears to be in Word.  What a hoot – they had a great sense of humor!

I sent the link along to my sister and 12-year old niece…if she is going to be online playing games, why not have it be making a difference at the same time??!!

Check it out!