If you are like most business leaders, you probably are very concerned these days about the impact of a tough economy on your ability to give needed resources to your favorite causes or nonprofit organizations. You see the need mushrooming in your community every day…and you see the companies around you starting to tighten their philanthropic belt. Add to that the recent earthquake and its destruction in Haiti and the strong desire we all have to provide whatever financial support we can immediately but which may deplete our donation line item.  What to do to continue your support for local and other causes you care about when cash is tight?

Join me, Sue Hyatt, for this free teleclass in which I will walk you through five easy to follow strategies for your 2010 business giving so you can authentically support your favorite causes in heartfelt ways and grow your business, as well.

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Hope to “see” you there at 3-4 pm MT/5-6 pm ET on January 21st! If you can’t make this time “live,” no worries! The call will be recorded –so register anyway and you will be sent the email link to listen later when you have time.