Over the weekend I was at the San Mateo Marriott attending Brendon Burchard‘s Experts Academy 3 day seminar.  His website states, “The program is a private 3-day intensive called Experts Academy and it’s sole focus is on how to make you THE expert in your industry so you can get big-time clients, contracts, paydays, and press coverage for your business.”  It was a FANTASTIC and inspiring weekend – I learned so much!!  It was just the infusion of information and sense of possibility that I really needed right now to grow my business.  I feel like I have “come alive” again and now am ready to move forward again in new and more effective ways.  Brendon is very inspiring as a trainer – great content and presence.  Check it out!!  I strongly recommend anything Brendon does!

During the weekend, Brendon showed us how to use Flip Video camcorders to make videos to post on our websites.  I had not seen them before and I was fascinated how easy it was to use.  I decided I needed one to carry around so I could record mini videos about business giving as I run across great examples.  Today I was replacing my watch at Brighton and wished I had one so I could have recorded the great things told to me by the Brighton store staff at the Cherry Creek Mall about the company’s philanthropy.

So when I got home, I went online to do some research and figure out how to order a Flip Video.  I found that the new smaller version called the Mino can be customized with a cover design.  As I read further, I learned that right now of the many designs available to choose from, 9 are part of a promotion called “Flip for Good” – For every 15 camcorders sold with a Flip for Good design, they donate a camcorder to charity.  For more information, go to: www.flipvideospotlight.com/flipforgood.  Of course, once I saw that, I selected Geometric Twirl as my design so I could participate in the program!

A recommendation…when purchasing products for use in your business (or personally), pay attention,  When you see products and services that give back – check them out.  Consider your purchase needs and if possible, buy from that company and support their efforts!

And soon – you will see video interviews with companies that give back right here!!  Stay Tuned!