On June 10th in the Denver Post, there was an announcement in the Fashion Calendar about the Riverfront Park Fashion Series.  There are three fashion shows scheduled this summer: June 12, July 17, and August 14th for Riverfront Park in downtown Denver.  Clothes for June 12th were by Garbarini and hair and makeup by Luxe Salon.  Ticket prices were $30 or $40 and the proceeds benefitted Railyard Dogs.

That caught my attention.  What the heck is Railyard Dogs?  So after my Google search, I learned on the Railyard Dogs’ website, “In July of 2004, a group of downtown Denver residents joined together with the Denver Health Department to educate dog owners in Commons Park about Denver’s leash laws.”  Railyard Dogs major contribution to the community will be the construction of a dog park in downtown Denver.

My first thought was this effort not my idea of a critical social problem…then after a bit more thought I realized that having a controlled place for dogs to play off leash was a needed component of public health in the urbanscape.  I took my own dog, Kiwi, to the Chatfield Reservoir dog park this morning and I am always amazed by how many pet owners do not pick up after their pets.  Not only is it gross when Rover poops in the middle of the path and I have to walk around it, it is can be a health issue as the poop from thousands of dogs piles up!  I hope they will “police” the new park heavily and force owners to do the right thing.  I got lucky with a dog that will only pee and poop in her own backyard – never on a walk.  Phew!