The whole social media thing is mind boggling to me!  I did not pay much attention initially because it seemed more social as opposed to business oriented.  Now I am hearing about the business applications all the time!  So…I spent a lot of time this week trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter as ways to get the word out about my work and the resources that I offer for both business and nonprofits as well as be in contact with people of like mind. 

I started a group on Facebook called Business Philanthropy – Do Good AND Do Well.  The purpose of this group will be to “share ideas with other entrepreneurs and small and mid-market business owners and executives who like you are committed to business social responsibility and who want to run more effective business philanthropy programs. Share ideas and learn about the many ways your company can support local and global nonprofits through strategic contributions (time, dollars, and inkind) and commerce to make a real difference in the community and grow your business.”

So please join the group and get in on the discussion!