This was the title of an ad I saw in the 9/22/2008 edition of USA Today while I was in DC working with AmeriCorps.  The ad is for a special event, Eat With Your Paws for a Good Cause, on September 24, 2008 sponsored by WholeMeals Food for Dogs and LA’s restaurant, The Farm of Beverly Hills at the Grove.  You can either make a reservation for a free “hands on” eating experience with your dog at the restaurant (with a donation being made by the WholeMeals company to Much Love Animal Rescue.  Or, you can buy WholeMeals Food for Dogs until October 31st to use at home and the company will make a donation to needy animal shelters nationwide.

The ad had several lines of fine print which I found interesting…and made me wonder how much a nearly full page color ad costs in USA Today…looks like some where on the area of $143,000???  Anyway, the fine print says that the restaurant event will result in a total donation of $10,000 and the donation associated with buying bags of food at the pet store was buy one-give one, i.e., for every bag of food you buy, they will donate a bag of food to a shelter up to a value ot $250,000 (aggregate retail value).  

So…nice ad that cost $143K, they will sell product, got good PR and the donation is $260K.  How do the numbers look to you?