In the Thursday, June 12th edition of the Denver Post, in the Denver & the West section, there was a little article in Bill Hustad’s column about Charlie Huang – owner of two great Denver restaurants – Jing and Little Ollie’s.  The article mentioned that Charlie was in China on May 12 when the earthquake hit Chengdu in Sichuan Province.  He could feel the quake even on the 30th floor of a hotel in his hometown of Nanjing which is east of the disaster.  He is back safe in Denver and committed to raising relief money on the 12th at both of his restaurants.  All sales from that night, 100%, will be given to China to help with recovery efforts.

On the Jing website, there is a community page which tells about their involvement in the Sudanese village of Pakur.

Jing Restaurant - Community Involvement

Well done Charlie and Partners!