Living in Denver has some perks…and it’s not just the view of the mountains!  Starbucks decided to pilot its new Gold card program here starting last month.  Since I live in Denver and use their refillable gift cards (it’s much easier to carry on a dog walk than cash!), I was invited via email to join last month.  On the website it says, “If you enjoy espresso beverages, you’re in fine company. On average, Starbucks lovers in Denver drink more espresso beverages than the rest of the country, especially Caffe Lattes flavored with vanilla syrup or customized with soy milk.”  Who knew…
When I signed up to participate, I learned Starbucks would give a 2% dividend on all purchases made using the card.  What I really liked about this was that I could choose to have the 2% returned as a credit on my card for my own use.  Or…better yet, I could choose one of two nonprofits they had preselected and have my 2% be a donation to that organization.  Cool, eh?  I buy my triple grande nonfat dry cappuccinos anyway but now my morning addiction has an upside!

Specifically on the website the options I had were:

Youth Venture:
Creating positive impact in communities around the world, Starbucks and Youth Venture teamed up to catalyze a movement of young social entrepreneurs.
African Wildlife Foundation:
Since 2004, Starbucks has partnered with AWF in conserving wildlife, protecting land and empowering people in Kenya.
My Gold Card: Please load my dividend back on to my Gold Card

I have chosen Youth Ventures to receive my dividend since my company, Business Nonprofit Connections, Inc.  supports microbusiness development and social entrepreneurism as one of our giving foci.

Keep your eyes open, if it works here, this may be headed your way, as well.   And…you get a snazzy white card with your name in gold on it.  Oh, I guess I should mention there are other benefits but I am all about the cute card and my 2% back!

  • A personalized Starbucks Gold Card signifying your Gold status
  • A Gold Card dividend – 2% of what you spend on your Gold Card comes back to you, or is donated to a non-profit organization each month
  • Coffeehouse rewards – like special discounts on Family & Friends days
  • Surprise indulgences – like something special on your birthday
  • A members-only website to manage your account

Plus, you’ll receive all the perks currently offered with Starbucks Card Rewards . Enjoy milk and syrup options for your beverage on the house, brewed coffee refills and a complimentary Tall beverage with your whole bean purchases.