Sitting here still minding my own business at Peaberry Coffee working on my book and I see this group of young hotties setting up a table outside…what is going on?  Then I remember the sign I saw on the back of the ladies’ bathroom door…that from 9 am -12 pm today, Colorado Firefighters would be outside Peaberry Coffee on 2nd in Denver’s Cherry Creek to sign their 2009 calendar to raise money for the Children’s Hospital through the nonprofit Fired Up for Kids.

Fired Up for Kids’ website says, “The Colorado Firefighter Calendar is produced and created by Fired Up For Kids, a non-profit organization. Fired Up For Kids donates all proceeds received from special events and sales of the Colorado Firefighter Calendar to The Children’s Hospital Burn Center, who is committed to providing the highest standard of burn care to neonates, infants, children, and adolescents up to 21 years of age in the Rocky Mountain region. To date, Fired Up For Kids has raised more than $250,000. For more information about The Children’s Hospital Burn Center, visit” 

Peaberry Coffee is one of the official sponsors of this calendar project. Peaberry has a long term partnership with the Children’s Hospital and so supporting the calendar event and Fired Up for Kids was a logical extension of their existing commitment.  The two organizations are closely aligned and Peaberry has a coffee kiosk at the hospital itself.  Every year Peaberry does a special label coffee promotion (beans or ground) to benefit the hospital donating $1 per pound of coffee sold.  Peaberry staff are proud of the company’s support of Children’s Hospital.  Today the manager is giving the firefighters sitting outside signing calendars free coffee on her, saying,”It is just good business”, when I asked about it.  She also told me that every day of the year, Peaberry offers any uniformed person (fire, police, military) free coffee or the same discount on specialty drinks they give their employees. 

So, as I sit here thinking about this and watching people going through the line to get their calendar signed by the hunks, I am feeling a little shy about getting one and then I have a brainstorm!  My women’s book group does an annual holiday gift exchange – this is THE perfect gift!  Now I can make my contribution and not feel like a desperate middle age woman.  Cool…or should I say Hot!