Facebook Group: Business Philanthropy – Do Good AND Do Well

The whole social media thing is mind boggling to me!  I did not pay much attention initially because it seemed more social as opposed to business oriented.  Now I am hearing about the business applications all the time!  So...I spent a lot of time this week trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter as ways to

Colorado's Two Percent Club – Business in the Community

This morning I attended a breakfast sponsored by the Two Percent Club at the Denver Country Club.  The Two Percent Club is an organization actively promoting business involvement in the community.  Their website states: "The member companies of the 2% Club consist of a wide range of industry representation and include every size of business, from sole

Brendon Burchard's Nonprofit & Corporate Partnership Seminar

Over the weekend I was in San Francisco attending Brendon Burchard's Nonprofit & Corporate Partnership Seminar.  It was intense - over 27 hours of training in 3 days - but VERY good.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to partner with businesses and/or nonprofits - especially the big ones! I first heard

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