Vitamin Angels

I was in Steamboat Springs, CO over the weekend with my recreation club.  A group of us went snowmobiling on Rabbit Ears Pass which was great fun until I hit a bump and managed to break my back...literally. Yesterday I went to Whole Foods to see about buying some calcium to take - figured it

Starbucks Gold Card Program Update

I got an "personalized" email today with the Starbucks Gold News.  At the bottom, they provided me a visual of the amount of money my dividend amounted to - which will be donated to the nonprofit I selected when I signed up.  So the dollar amount ($3.07) for last month is not large based on how much

Qwest Donates Shoes

There was an article from Joan Hill, Communications Manager for Denver’s Warren Village, in Thursday June 19, 2008’s The Hub Section of the Denver Post about a recent philanthropy activity of Qwest, the telephone company.  Warren Village helps motivated low-income, single parents move from public assistance to self-sufficiency through subsidized housing, on-site childcare, counseling, and

Metafolics Salon: A Small Company Perspective on Giving Back

I interviewed Jason Linkow, owner of Metafolics Salon in Denver, for my upcoming book Business Philanthropy: How Smart Businesses Give Back.  Jason is a smart business man and a deep thinker.  I knew he gave a great haircut and did things in the community, but I after interviewing him, I was VERY impressed with his

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