Obesity AND Hunger?

Friday as I was waiting for my flight back to Denver from Dulles, I was reading USA Today looking (as always) for cause marketing ads or articles that highlight ways businesses give back or are engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR). What I saw that struck me was the juxtaposition of ads highlighting obesity and

You Never Know…

I got a call out of the blue this week from "NK", a now 24 year old man, who was my "Junior Partner" through Denver Partners, a local mentoring nonprofit, for 3 years starting when he was seven.  I had not heard from him in 12 years and was thrilled he made the effort to

Happy Thanksgiving!

As Americans, we hear so much in the news about our current economic crises.  These are definitely difficult times that affect everyone and their sense of stability with worries about about finances keeping many of us awake at night.  However, even in times like these, we really do have so much for which to be

Six Myths of Small Business Philanthropy

There are six myths commonly believed to be true about business and its role in society and local communities today that I would like to debunk. Myth 1. Business philanthropy is for the large companies only. Many people believe that business philanthropy is really only for the large "rich" companies such as Nike, Starbucks, Levi Strauss,

Impact of Tough Economic Times on Giving

I was checking some facts about giving in the US for my book this morning and I found a press release issued September 19, 2008 from Giving USA Foundation about the impact of recession on giving levels.  It stated,"What really happens to charitable giving when the economy is roiling? A new report from Giving USA Foundation examines the topic

Shrinking Dollars and Growing Community Need

I continue to ponder the effects of this Wall Street mess on business philanthropy as I watch friends of mine whose hard earned investments are evaporating seemingly over night!  What is true is that at times like this there is a tendancy for everyone to tighten the belt - one way many companies choose to do that is

John Mackey versus Milton Friedman

Yesterday, in my Google Alerts for Business Philanthropy, I got a link to an article on Rethinking Business Social Responsibility posted by DanS on Political Groove Forums.  It turned out to be something I had already read sometime back but I think it is interesting to read, if you have not already done so.  DanS

Impact of Tough Economic Times on Nonprofits and Foundations

I have been thinking a lot lately about the impact of tough economic times on smaller businesses and their philanthropy - the subject of Carol Tice's article in October's Entrepreneur Magazine for which she interviewed me.  However, this morning in the USA Today was an article by Emily Bazar and Dennis Cauchon, Financial mayhem hurts non-profits, foundations. 

October Entrepreneur Magazine – I Am In It!

I have been checking the bookstore daily for the October edition of Entrepreneur Magazine to be put out on the shelves.  Today I found it in the Barnes & Noble near my house in Denver.  The wait is over!! I was interviewed a couple months back by Carol Tice for an article she was writing

IKEA is Coming to the Denver Metro Area

The big news hit yesterday...IKEA is coming to Denver (well, actually Centennial)...FINALLY!  I can smell the Swedish meatballs and lignonberry sauce already.  As you can tell, I am huge IKEA fan - have been since 1990 when I lived in Crystal City, VA for a couple years working for the U.S. Agency for International Development and

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