Abita SOS Supports Gulf Coast Recovery

I am in New Orleans in the rain today...and am now the proud owner of yet another umbrella...  Earlier in the week, I facilitated the session, Transitioning to New Opportunities, at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) sponsored Gulf Coast Convening (Twitter - #gulfconvening).  148 people representing the nonprofit, government, and business sectors

Tired of Giving Rubber Chicken Dinners to Raise Money?

Back by popular demand! RECESSION PROOF RESOURCES: How SMART Nonprofits Partner with Businesses - a nonprofit teleseminar program. If you are concerned about the impact of a tight economy on your ability to get needed resources for your nonprofit, join me for my four-part nonprofit teleseminar series, RECESSION PROOF RESOURCES: How SMART Nonprofits Partner with

10 Challenges Businesses Have Working with Nonprofits

I interviewed thought leaders from 50 companies for my new book, Business Giving Strategies, due out this fall.  One questions which I asked everyone during the interviews was if they had experienced any challenges working with nonprofit organizations and if so, what were they.  The following is a list of ten of the challenges that

BusinessWeek Special Report on Philanthropy

BusinessWeek published a Special Report: Philanthropy 2010 last month.  I liked the article by Chris Farrell, titled "Philanthropy: Companies Seek Greater Returns in Tough Times."  Check the full article out here. "Amid soft economic times, companies' gifts are increasingly freighted with self-interest—whether it's image-polishing or engendering worker loyalty. The Great Recession exacted a harsh toll

Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations

I found this online article, Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations: What You Need to Know About the Tax Benefits of Donating to Charitable Causes by Joanne Fritz, About.com Guide,  to be very informative so I thought I would share it.  For the original version with additional links to useful information, click here. "There are many advantages to

Vitamin Angels

I was in Steamboat Springs, CO over the weekend with my recreation club.  A group of us went snowmobiling on Rabbit Ears Pass which was great fun until I hit a bump and managed to break my back...literally. Yesterday I went to Whole Foods to see about buying some calcium to take - figured it

Colorado Charity Check Website

Checkthecharity.com uses public records submitted by the nonprofit and the solicitors they hire to help Coloradans decide which charitable groups to support.  The website states it is "A public-private partnership to promote Colorado charities and to inform and protect donors."  I first heard about this new site reading the Denver Post on Friday 11/23/2009 as a business

Make a Difference Day

Make A Difference Day is the most encompassing national day of helping others -- a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. Everyone can participate. Created by USA WEEKEND Magazine, Make A Difference Day is an annual event that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every October. Millions have participated. In 2008, 3 million people cared

Lucy Gives Back

Some time back, a new women's fitness clothing store, Lucy, opened in Cherry Creek here in Denver.  I have enjoyed shopping there as I like their often unusual yet functional sporty apparel designs.  As part of their commitment to being green, they switched in the past year from sending mailers to sending emails.  A recent

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