Have you ever wanted to get your book, product, event, tour, cause or dream sponsored and promoted…by major companies and leading nonprofits a zero cost to you? If so, you have to hear about my friend Brendon Burchard’s sponsorship and partnership strategies.

For the first time open to the general public, Brendon will be revealing the same step-by-step system he’s used to close partnerships with Wal-Mart, Toyota, US Bank, Wachovia, Sony Pictures, other Fortune 500 companies and leading global non-profits organizations…and how you can do the same thing to grow your business and instantly reach millions of people.

Brendon’s Partnership Seminar

Think about it…

What if you could get major nonprofits (including charities and associations), major corporations (including Fortune 500 and smaller companies) to partner with you and…

  • Email their staff, customers and volunteers about your book, cause, or business.
  • Write you a six-figure sponsorship check like it was play money so that you can accomplish your dream (Brendon got $500,000 with one partnership strategy)
  • Feature you on their websites (one that Brendon got on received over 5 million impressions).
  • Feature you in their newsletters or magazines (Brendon’s regularly in one that goes to 2 million people a month).
  • Issue press releases for (or about) you.
  • Invite and pay you to speak at their events.
  • Arrange media appearances for you (Brendon’s sponsors got him on ABC World News, Oprah & Friends plus 64 radio shows).
  • Buy and recommend your products or services (Brendon sells 50,000 copies of one of his books through partners each year).
  • Refer you to others.
  • Give you testimonials from their CEOs.
  • Hire you as a speaker, coach or consultant.
  • Use your products or services in a sweepstakes promotion.
  • Fund your event, book tour, business growth, or marketing expenses.
  • Teach you how to make more of an impact in your community.
  • Spend thousands of dollars promoting YOU?

Is this all possible?   Can you really get the support of major companies and nonprofits to grow your business and make more of an impact in the world?

The answer is YES…and you can do it FAST when you follow Brendon’s system.

Check it out: Partnership Seminar

Everyone in our industry is buzzing about Brendon’s new strategies and you can see from the testimonials on that page that this works,…and it will work for you.

If you’re ready to get your project sponsored and promoted by major companies and nonprofits, then signup and I’ll see you there!

Check it out: Partnership Seminar

 P.S. Brendon has previously opened this event to a limited audience, and it has always sold out.

This is the must attend event of the year if you want to reach (and make) millions through partnering with other organizations.

Check it out: Partnership Seminar