Over the weekend I was in San Francisco attending Brendon Burchard’s Nonprofit & Corporate Partnership Seminar.  It was intense – over 27 hours of training in 3 days – but VERY good.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to partner with businesses and/or nonprofits – especially the big ones!

I first heard of Brendon at Christine Comaford-Lynch’s Rules for Renegades Summit in Irvine, CA last spring.  Brendon was one of her speakers and the main reason I chose to attend her Summit.  I was intrigued to hear Brendon speak as I had never heard of him before and wanted to learn more about his approach to partnerships because of my own work in this area.  Well…he was certainly high energy, a great speaker…and he had great content.  He talks about partnerships at the graduate level and uses business/marketing speak while doing it.  I knew I could learn a lot from him so signed up for the 3 day intensive.  It did not disappoint!

Brendon is his own best example of leveraging partnerships to grow his business exponentially over the past three years.  He wrote a great book, Life’s Golden Ticket, which I have read and really enjoyed.  And the level of strategy he developed to launch and grow book sales is impressive.  He established partnerships with three major nonprofits – Junior Achievement, Kiwwanis, and the YMCA – serving over 30 million people.  To oversimplify it, he offered them a percentage of his book sales in return for leveraging their distribution networks.  And that’s just where it starts – he speaks for them and about them, has helped develop leadership curriculum, has helped them develop partnerships with each other, and the list goes on and on.  His partners love him and he is one of their strongest promoters.  It has been win-win-win-win…..

If you want to do high level partnerships, this seminar is a must!