Ran across the link for this promotion today from Lani Lyons, called Blog for a Cure, and thought it was a great idea that I should share with you!  “Welcome to Blog For A Cure, a blog party that will connect new bloggers from all walks of life, while offering up some great prizes, and most importantly, raising money to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.”  The site gives directions on how to participate: “the minumum donation to participate is only $1.00! If you are able to donate more, please do so, and accept my extremely heartfelt gratitude.  And what will you get in return for this dollar, you ask?

1- The opportunity to gain new followers for your blog.

2- The chance to win one of MANY prizes that will be given away to randomly drawn participants.

3- The chance to prove that you CAN and DO make a difference.

OK- on to the Party! Here’s how it works: First, A ONE dollar donation will earn you one entry into every single prize giveaway, but you MUST leave a comment on the post of each item that you want to win. If you would like extra entries for particular items, each dollar donated will equal an extra entry. To use an extra entry, leave separate comments for each one. I’ll double check each participants donations to make sure they get all the entries they have earned.”

So I made my $20 donation on Lani’s Team in Training Leukemia and Lymphoma Society page and then registered my blog – I was the 51st to sign up so far.  Then she asked participants to spread the word using social media and whatever else.  My next step is to register for whatever giveaways by leaving blog posts.  It is fun and a great concept.  I like it!!

Check it out!