Ever feel like your company does not have sufficient financial resources to contribute as much as you’d like to local nonprofits?  Here is an idea that I personally do that can be done by ANY company that has employee travel — all it takes is a little time and a minimal amount of extra room in a suitcase. 

As you know, hotels provide personal product amenities in your hotel bathroom.  If you use them one day, they provide a new set for the next day when they clean your room.  If you are like me, you don’t actually use all of those bottles of lotions and potions or maybe you take your own along or don’t like the brands they use. 

So here is the idea…every day, take the bottles you don’t open to use (you’ve already paid for them…) and put them in your suitcase, maybe using the plastic laundry bag from the closet hanger so things won’t leak on your clothes during the trip home.  The cleaning folks will give you a new set and you can do it again for each night you are on the road. 

Back at the office, set up a collection point somewhere at your location and have everyone that travels deposit their extra toiletries there.  Then periodically take all the collected items and drop them off at a shelter – maybe for the homeless or battered women.  This doesn’t really cost your company anything extra but can be a much appreciated donation for a worthy organization trying to make ends meet.  Remember this on your next trip!!